“Wānanga Pukorero, is a suicide prevention programme which uses kaupapa Māori models of practise to reconnect individuals to self, whilst providing a safe space to heal from current or historic trauma.”

Our Why

“It is men who consistently attempt and succeed in committing suicide and in most areas of the health system the prevention of men’s health issues are invisible.

Māori men are at an extremely high risk of poor health and limited access to the right care, and when they do seek help it is less likely to be male-friendly”

Our Aim

  • To encourage a focus on well-being.
  • Introduce tools to deal with historic or present trauma. 
  • Provide support to Māori whanau, Hapu, and Iwi that are experiencing suicide risk/and or bereaved by suicide.
  • Build inclusive Māori communities and strengthen resilience.
  • Raise awareness about available supports and resources. 
  • Increase awhi to whanau, known to be at higher risk of suicidal distress.

How do we achieve this?


Create a “safe space” without judgment for whanau to heal both historical and present trauma, by acquiring tools of self-care alongside Kaupapa Māori models of practice.


Whakapapa – having a strong identity, knowing where we come from and where we belong.


Tumanako – Showing communities there are other ways to heal trauma safely. Creating hope through korero and connection.


Whānaungatanga – Being connected with friends, whanau, and wider communities. This effectively gives one knowledge of self by connecting to a deeper level of identity and support.


Atawhaitanga – Receiving support in response to distress with compassion, respect and understanding.


Kia Mōhio Kia Mārama – knowing where and how to access support.


Mauri Tau – having easy access to support that recognises and responds to whanau needs.

Our Fundamentals

  • Powhiri.
  • Karakia.
  • Haka.
  • Whakawhanaungatanga.
  • Breathwork.
  • Removal of false identities – “ ki te hiki o nga mata”.
  • Shot Bro (Rob Mokoraka).
  • Anchoring (1:1 counselling).


Working on the 4 Walls Self. 

• Mind – Hinengaro 

• Spirit – Wairua 

• Body – Tinana

• Family – Whanau

A buddy-up system where you stay accountable to your partner, to the group but most importantly to YOURSELF. 

Mentor-ship and guidance for 4 weeks post wananga to take a dive deeper into self.