“We envision when; wellbeing, individually and collectively, is valued and recognised as the rightful inheritance of all within Aotearoa”

Mission Statement:

“The Broken Movement will empower self-determination and development for individuals, organisations, whanau, hapu and communities, to address barriers to wellbeing and success in life; by provision of education, resources, and tools, collaboratively alongside stakeholders and other services within Aotearoa”

Why are we doing this?

We are doing this because; in our lives, and within our society and the community, we are constantly faced with adversities and trauma such as; depression, suicide, poverty, abuse, discrimination, stigma, grief, violence, addiction, bullying, anxiety, jail, other institutions and even death… through these lived experiences we have learnt a lot about the struggle we constantly face; day in, day out.

For many within our community today this is the grim reality that is our lives; and it shouldn’t be.

We did it hard and it wasn’t fun. Our experiences give us a heart for the vulnerable that both resonates and relates; we understand. We would prefer that others do not have to go through that, and if they do; then we know they will need real support and actual solutions; a box-ticked or a Band-Aid is not the solution.

We were broken, we survived, but we lost friends along the way, we fortunate few came back scarred but with strength, compassion and a desire for social justice to be done. We learnt the hard way, with many mistakes and set-backs, but it has given us the tools and knowledge that informs who we are and our practice today. We know there is a massive need, a need to create change, to empower people especially our young, to give a hand-up, not a hand-out, to create strength and not dependency.

We believe that everyone has a rightful inheritance of wellbeing and personal success. The reality is that a variety of barriers prevent many people from achieving this; however with the right tools, knowledge, resources and support this does not have to be their reality.

Everyone faces various traumas throughout their lives and how we manage that trauma can define our future.

There are many people working toward solutions, but too many appear to be only treating the symptoms rather than resolving the core issues. Our goal is to identify and address the core issues with methodology and philosophy that is:






Let’s have some REAL SOLUTIONS… NOW is the time to take action.

Help us to re-write the narrative and change the paradigm… JOIN us on the journey…

Giving the broken a break…

The Broken Movement …we walk with you.