The Broken Movement Trust was established 2019 for one simple reason, to create change.


We are a collective of individuals and strong personalities with the same shared vision. We acknowledge the need for change in the mental health sector and believe only through positive action can we create this.

It is our individual experiences that have lit a fire in our hearts, creating a united front, determined to abolish mental illness through being active in the community.

To do this we must first acknowledge there is a problem, and that individuals from all walks of life are affected. We aim to empower individuals by providing the right tools, education and resources to succeed.

The Broken Movement is a safe place where you are free from any kind of judgments, you are free to be openly honest about your situation, a place where we can connect you with the right services for your individual needs.

Would you like to help?


As an NPO we rely on funding from sponsorships and donations to enable us to enable others.

This can come in many forms;

  • Financial Ongoing Sponsorship, Monthly or Annual.
  • Financial one off donations.
  • Donations of goods and/or services.

How this will be used:


With your support we aim to;

  • Run community events to further support and create awareness around Mental Health.
  • Provide support for other organisations in the Mental Health sector.
  • Provide financial support for individuals in need of Mental Health services.
  • Create educational opportunities through qualified training.
  • Purchase tools such as tables/flags/marquees for The Broken Movement Trust, to be used throughout.